Be valuable for your company

The company also has a comfortable belief that no one is indispensible. While this is true, it's also true that some intangibles go into making someone worth the price he asks for. It takes quite an effort to suss them out.

 A person who is lucky can make the enterprise take off, they can make things hum.They create an adhesive factor that makes things swing in their favour.

Some people have that ability to whip up enthusiasm and make everything look brighter. When they are there, things move faster and the results are immeasurable. Such persons have no price tag and need to be salvaged and looked after even as they are stupidly burning their boats.

It is the ability of the firm to recognise such lucky people and catalysts and harness their productivity for the benefit of others.

The question that comes to one's mind is, how does one quantify such intangibles? What form of perks and benefits does one offer? After all, everyone works and no one is less than the other. How will you explain the luck and destiny factor ? Answer: It is beyond you.

So the next time you cry foul when a colleague of yours gets "out-of-turn" credit, perks or privileges, remember that it's not work alone which matters: there are those special effects called magic, chemistry or better still, plain luck.