Guidlines To  Train & Measure Preformance

Every new employee needs a company orientation, but most supervisors forget that employees also need to be orientated to the company's VISION .The company's vision statement tells the employee where the company is going, what their role will be, and how success and achievement will be measured. Each new employee should be launched into the company with a set of personalized goals that will help the company obtain its goals.

Your job is to LISTEN to your new employee's ideas as to how he or she can change in order to help the company meet its goals. This step should occur sometime between the sixth and ninth month of employment.

GUIDE the employee's feedback. your job as a supervisor to guide the employee into understanding which of their ideas for change will be helpful in meeting the company's goals. A good supervisor will also guide each of their employees differently because similar to Pokémon, each employee will offer your company unique talents and will evolve into different forms of advanced employees.

MEASURE and give FEEDBACK are the last steps before employee evolution can occur. These steps need to take place no later than 12 months after the employee's hire date. It is the supervisor's job to measure the employee's overall success and ability to change in order to help the company achieve its goals. The best way to measure employee performance is by keeping progress notes. These notes should be composed of both objective and subjective measures of the employee's yearly progress.