How to fire Your Employee

Provide a written warning to the employee. This is the evidence step that you as the employer documented their work performance problem. The written warning should be direct and clear to the point with both their work performance concerns, and correction steps you expect to see from the employeeb. Tell the employee that they are on the last step in the company’s disciplinary process. Ask the employee to sign that they received the written warning. Many employees are concerned that by signing the written warning they are agreeing to what it says, so they refuse. Inform them that by signing, they are only acknowledging that they received it. In completing the verbal and written warning make sure you watch what you say to the employee. Avoid any language that might be interpreted as discrimination by the employee. If you feel that the employee might raise issues of discrimination based on age, race, or sex, have a human resource manager or upper manager in the room as you present the verbal or written warning.
Have a short termination meeting. Tell the employee why they are being terminated. Explain to the employee any benefits that the company can offer, such as, offering their last pay check, how long health benefits will last, if they can still access the company’s employee assistance program, and how future job inquires will be handled. Give the employee a company contact person that they can call if they later have concerns or questions about the termination. Have someone walk the employee to gather their personal belongings and escort them off the property.