Employee's Attitude

The employee is always saying that they are working on it, and never gives you a true update.You notice that the employee is always rushing at the last minute

Work is completed that isn't up to the employee's performance. After observing and documenting a number of examples of poor employee performance , it is now time to confront the employee. 

Call a private meeting and bring up your observations. Next listen to the employee's response for indications that they might be attempting to ignore, blame others, or minimize their poor work performance. If the employee attempts to blame others or the company, help them focus on what is in their control to change about themselves.

Ask that the employee read literature and schedule a follow up meeting in one week to discuss it further. 

Listen to the employee's concerns for other tips as to why their concentration and performance has declined, i.e., depression, family problems, or problems with their ability to focus; suggest that they contact the company EAP.

End the meeting by saying something positive about the employee's overall attitude, past performance, or bright future